How to Use

How to use Zendey Baby Infant Visual Stimulation Cards: Install the app from the Google Play Store, Amazon Store or Nook Store. Open the app. Choose from two modes:  Play mode or Slideshow mode. In Play mode, press the start button to show the images to your baby. Tap the screen to go to the…


Getting Help for Zendey Flashcards

Do you need help using Zendey Flashcards? If you have an Android device and are having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Google Play access, please contact the Google Play team through the Google Play help center. Otherwise, you can get help in our support forums! Please give specific details of your problem as well…


Zendey First Words and Sounds

We just released Zendey First Words and Sounds Lite (free version) and Zendey First Words and Sounds (full version).

Teach baby new words with Zendey First Words and Sounds.  A fun and interactive way to teach your baby to speak and read.

According to experts, these are the first words your child should know before the age of 2.

These flashcard apps are simple to use.

Easy words from baby’s everyday life.
Big and easy-to-read font.
Now ad-free!


Zendey Infant Visual Stimulation Cards

The eyes of newborns and infants are not fully developed.  In the beginning, they can only detect high-contrast colors like black and white (then later red).

The best way to help them develop their vision is by using infant visual stimulation cards.  Visual stimulation cards are high-contrast images in different patterns designed to stimulate your baby’s vision.

By stimulating your baby’s vision, you are also stimulating their brain.

Introducing Zendey Infant Visual Stimulation Cards!  This free app includes several black and white high contrast images designed to calm and soothe your baby, increase concentration and stimulate the creation of brain cell neurons.